Jaiku is back online & offering unlimited invitations!

Jaiku, Unlimited Invitations

It looks like Jaiku is now back online. They have been offline for couple of days, now they are back to business and offering unlimited invitations to celebrate their successful migration to a new data center operated by their new boss, Google.
…We’ve now moved Jaiku to a Google data center. This is something that we’d planned to do anyway, as part of our future transition to Google App Engine. Now that we’ve moved, we’ll need to ask you to review and accept a new terms of service and privacy policy…

…As a special thank you for your patience, we’d like to throw a little nest-warming party and open unlimited invitations for Jaiku…

Source: Jaiku Blog

A lot of people were scared that Google will do something nasty to Jaiku especially after Google closed Jaiku’s door to the public right after acquiring them last year. New Jaiku user signups were only possible after users had received invitations from existing members that have some spare invites.

Those days are gone now. Jaiku’s unlimited invitations mean that existing users can send out more invites. No doubt that this little maneuver will propel Jaiku forward, I’m expecting to see mass influx of new Jaiku users in the next few weeks!

Today I noticed that a lot of people have been singing praises about Jaiku. Some even said that Jaiku is much faster now and many also believe that Jaiku is now well-armed to bring down Twitter!

Perhaps so! If you are still looking at Jaiku from the outside, take this opportunity to request for an invitation from the link that I have provided earlier.
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