Close your business if you can’t maintain it

I just read a very disturbing news just now and it was all about Bungee Labs and the laying off of their employees earlier today.

Michael Arrington from TechCrunch gave me the impression that Bungee Labs laid off 15 of their employees to save their business. If that is true then I really feel sorry for their poor employees. I was laid off by a few companies before and let me tell you something, it was one hell of a harrowing experience!

I have a good advice for businesses out there. If you can’t maintain your existing business, just close it and do something else. Don’t bother to stay in the hunt if you are not up to it. By continuing to do so, you are bound to hurt others that work so damn hard for you and your business.

By the way, check out Bungee Connect (Bungee Labs is behind it). It can help you to create a bunch of interesting business productivity applications that might interest business people. Take a look at the following video and see if they have something you just might need.

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Anonymous said...

That's a disturbing point of view. If you can only employ 38 people instead of 60, you should fire the remainder?

Businesses aren't in the business of hiring as many people as possible, they're in the business of providing value to their customers. I know, we could outlaw all businesses except one and then pass a law that mandates everyone buy whatever that business is selling at whatever rate allows them to pay their employees the most. Of course, you can only get a job at the only business that can hire you if you're well connected, so most of us will just starve -- but then who will buy their product at their unreasonable rate?

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