5 Essential or Must-Have Twitter tools for 2009

The following Twitter tools or third-party applications are essential or must-haves for Twitterers for 2009.


Forget about TwitPic, Twitterers have something better these days. TwitPic can only share photos on Twitter but 2tweet can do so much more. You can not only share photos but you also can share videos as well. Not to mention that 2tweet automatically saves shared photos and videos in online galleries that can be accessed anytime by 2tweet users.


There are times when Twitterers feel that they need to send tweets that are more than 140 characters. Thanks to Twitblogs, Twitterers can now not only send tweets that are more than 140 characters but they can also share photos and videos too. This is the tool you need to turn Twitter, a micro-blogging platform to a proper blogging platform.

Long URL Please

It was not created specifically for Twitter but Twitterers can certainly use Long URL Please to see where those short URLs on their Twitter streams will lead them to. Consider it as the ultimate short URL killer, enabling Twitterers to lengthen and see through short URLs. This is the best tool to combat spam or marketing tweets that are chasing after your hard earned money.


Some Twitterers spend more time with their Gmail accounts then Twitter itself. Thanks to TwitterGadget, such Twitterers can now do both at the same time right from their Gmail accounts. Imagine, taking care of emails and Twitter tweets in one go! TwitterGadget is actually an AJAX-based Google Gadget and users can also use it on their iGoogle pages.


Twitter spam is on the rise and Twitter is doing everything they can to curb it but Twitterers can help them to accomplish more by reporting spammers directly to Twitter. Let’s hope that innocent Twitterers will not fall victims to false spam reports. Perhaps Twitter should let us know in detail how their anti-spam solution works.

Note: More Essential or Must-Have Twitter tools will be added in the near future. Bookmark this post and check often to see the latest additions.
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