How to lengthen and see-through short URLs? Use Long URL Please

Long URL Please allows users to lengthen, see-through and ultimately kill short URLs, a Must-Have tool for internet users.

Short URL Redirection services are favorite tools for many spammers and internet marketers. The anonymity and mysteriousness of those short URLs seems to invoke curiosity and many have succumbed to their intriguing qualities. Many innocent victims have been scammed and lost lots of money because of those who abused short URLs.

Lengthen, see-through and kill short URLs, Long URL Please

Thanks to Long URL Please, internet users today can practically lengthen, see-through and kill those short URLs once and for all. Long URL Please is based upon a clever Firefox Extension created by Darragh Curran but it is also can be used on other browsers (doesn’t seems to work on Google Chrome though) via bookmarklets. As of time of writing, Long URL Please demystifies short URLs provided by more than 30 short URL Redirection service providers;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Personally, I consider Long URL Please as a Must-Have tool for internet users. Use it before you lose more money! :)
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Darragh Curran said...

Wow - thanks for the review - I'm chuffed that you consider it a must have tool for internet users. It helps me every time I go near twitter.

Saidul A Shaari said...

Hi there Darragh,

This is not all. I also said that Long URL Please is one of 5 essential or must-have Twitter tools for 2009! :)

Anonymous said...

I think this is a valuable tool, but I do think you have missed the boat a bit here. Short urls are used because twitter has a character limit on posts. Most URLs are too long and would restrict your ability to post a comment with a link.

I do agree that there are some nefarious short url users out there, but by and large people are just trying to save space.

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