How to turn Twitter into a proper blog? Try Twitblogs

Twitblogs allows you turn Twitter into a proper blog, giving you the opportunity to post more than 140 characters, add pictures and videos.

Turn Twitter into a proper blog, Twitblogs

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform and theoretically you won’t be able to do much at Twitter other than post texts (tweets) and/or outgoing links in not more than 140 characters at one go.

If you wish to turn Twitter into some kind of a proper blog, you can use a new third-party application known as Twitblogs. Twitblogs allows you to post stories or say anything that requires more than 140 characters. Twitblogs also allows you to post photos and videos too!

Take note that you can use Twitblogs on your mobile phones and so far Twitblogs have been successfully tested on BlackBerry, iPhone and N95 phones. Twitblogs said that their third-party Twitter app works best on the iPhone though.
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Twitblogs said...

Nice article, thanks for taking the time to review us.

Saidul A Shaari said...


No problem! You have a great service running, it was my pleasure to feature it here. :)

GuyWearingBlue said...

i'll give twitblog less than month. techcrunch's mike arrington reports Twitblogs leader/owner sam sethi's last company Blognation, scammed its own employees. techcrunch says dont even give your password to sethi and Twitblogs. this twitter bird is dead.

Saidul A Shaari said...


You have a very serious allegation there, but thanks for dropping by and telling me about it. I will check with TechCrunch and see if they have anything in hand to back their suspicions.

Twitblogs said...

They don't have anything in hand or we would have seen it.

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