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KeyStream launches SmartAd (read their official press release) earlier today, giving video publishers the opportunity to monetize their videos and advertisers the much awaited opportunity to place ads in free/blank spaces in videos.

A few hours after the announcement, Robin Wauters from TechCrunch gave KeyStream and their new video advertising platform a blatant bashing. She said:
…they still have the nerve to say SmartAd “offers dramatic improvement in user experience” and that the ads are “non-obstructive” and “increase audience engagement”. I’d say they increase gagging and uncontrolled outbursts of anger by people who are tired with being fed unrelevant advertising without the ability to turn it off…

Can someone please remind Robin that the global economy (especially US economy) is in a slump at the moment?

Seeing ads and more ads is of course a painful experience for many but seeing more and more people getting laid off or hearing more and more companies went bankrupt is even more painful.

Can America and Americans live without a strong economy? No, isn’t it? So please stop complaining about those who wants to make a little bit of money in order to survive.

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Robin Wauters said...

I'm a he, not a she. :)

I'm not saying nobody should try to make money in new ways, but how is this improving the user experience or increasing audience engagement?

It's like saving the billboard advertising industry by placing billboards in the middle of roads now apart from next to them.

Saidul A Shaari said...

Hello there Robin,

Thanks for visiting and letting me know your real gender. My mistake, I should have check on your profile at TechCrunch first. :)

Look, I understand what you're trying to say but in the light of the current global economic slump, we as the end users have to be a little understanding. We have to give businesses more room to breath, at least for now for the sake of our economy.

We'll take back what they have taken once the economy is back on the right track.

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