What could be better than PayPerPost? How about Paying Post

Are you tired of PayPerPost that has been monopolized and manifested with Indian PayPosties? Would you to like to work for a new Paid-to-Blog site that offers paid blogging opportunities just like PayPerPost?

Check out Paying Post then but there’s one problem that you should know of. I don’t know why they are doing this but Paying Post has created an open Bloggers Directory that can be accessed by anybody. By right, such directory should only be seen by registered advertisers or registered members of Paying Post. I could not fathom why Paying Post has to create an open directory in the first place!

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You see, there are a lot of nasty people out there who are bent upon grabbing all those paid blogging opportunities to themselves. As you all know, paid blogging is a form of link-selling and search engines such as Google hates link-sellers. To destroy competition and grab all those opportunities to themselves; greedy bloggers (I know where most of them came from) will report fellow bloggers to Google. Google will of course take action and soon those bloggers that have been stabbed in the back will lose precious pageranks thus losing their chance to bid or receive paid blogging opportunities in the future. ‘Lesser bloggers = More opportunities’, that’s their equation.

Now, by creating an open directory, Paying Post has exposed existing bloggers to a lot of harm!
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