What if Barack Obama is not Black?

Interesting question! Do you ever wonder how Barack Obama, the 44th American President would look like if he’s White? What if Obama is an Indian or Asian? How would he look like then?

Well, why don’t we let ThatsMyFace answer such questions with the use of their ingenious online facial analysis tool! Don’t worry; you don’t have to pay anything. All you have to do is upload Obama’s portrait photo (I hope it’s not illegal to do so) to ThatsMyFace and let them do the rest. :-)

Any volunteers?

ThatsMyFace also has another great product, check out their FaceStatue. It might freak out some people but I think FaceStatue is pretty cool.

By the way, if you really like ThatsMyFace’s FaceStatue (using patent-pending 3D modeling technology) product and wants to have your very own life-size 3D replica of your face, head over to TechCrunch right now. TechCrunch has struck a deal with ThatsMyFace and they are going to pick one lucky reader (you must leave a good comment there first) to have the honor of having his or her face digitized and sculpted for free!
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Anonymous said...

Just saw your tweet and couldn't resist checking what this was all about, the program sounds interesting I'll have to check it out! Where have you been??

How can I get the do follow plugin on my blogger blog?

Unknown said...

Hi there Patty aka littlebytesnews...

I've been pretty busy lately and I really feel bad right now. I made some promises to folks such as you long time ago but I can't seem to find the time to fulfill them. :(

As for the plugin, sorry to say that it was only a gimmick. There's no such plugin for Blogger but we do have plenty for WordPress but that doesn't mean that there's no dofollow links going out from comments posted here. I have changed the codes on my template and now all links are dofollows.

If you want to do the same thing for your blog, follow the following steps:
a. Go to your blog's Layout (Blogger Dashboard)
b. Click on Edit HTML
c. Click on Expand Widget Templates
d. Look for 'data:comment.authorUrl' rel='nofollow'
e. Change it to 'data:comment.authorUrl' rel='dofollow'
f. Click on Save Template and you're done!

Good luck! :)

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