My thoughts on Gobala Krishnan’s Blog Paycheck product

A friend of mine asked me about Gobala Krishnan’s latest online money making product, Blog Paycheck, a few days back and I gave him some good opinions about it. Since I got nothing better to do today, I might as well share with you what I have said to my friend in this post.

First of all, I have a lot respect for Gobala Krishnan. He’s a good internet Guru and his past products received thumbs-up from fellow internet Gurus and many satisfied customers. Malaysians should know him well enough. :-)

His latest product, Blog PayCheck however does not augur well for me. Blog Paycheck is all about teaching people to make money from their blogs by doing sponsored posting or sponsored blogging.

The dangers of doing paid posting or paid blogging

Now, I’m not saying that people cannot make decent amount of money by doing paid posting or paid blogging. I just want people to know that doing paid posting or paid blogging is very risky, it is risky enough that it can spell big trouble for your blog!

The risk comes from search engines especially from Google!

You see, paid posting or paid blogging is another form of selling and buying links. Please take a look at Google Webmaster Guidelines very closely and you can see that Google simply hates link schemes. Once you are caught of selling or buying links, Google will punish you by removing your PageRank or your blog from their index!

How to avoid capital punishment from Google?

The good news is that you can still do paid blogging or paid posting but you have to do something that almost all Paid-to-Blog sites don’t want you to do. Please refer down below for more details:
In order to stay within Google's quality guidelines, paid links should be disclosed through a rel="nofollow" or other techniques such as doing a redirect through a page which is robots.txt'ed out.
Source: Google Webmaster Central Blog

Like what I have said earlier, almost all Paid-to-Blog sites won’t allow you to place rel=”nofollow” tag to your paid or sponsored posts. By placing rel=”nofollow” tags, you can bet that you will no longer receive opportunities from Paid-to-Blog sites. By not placing rel=”nofollow” tags in your paid or sponsored posts; you will run the risk of being punished by search engines especially Google.

Mind you, this is not a win-win situation at all!

In the end, it is all up to you. I have given you sufficient warnings in this post. What you do next is your own business. Good luck!

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