Samsung Solid-state Drive (SSD) 830 Series is super, lightning fast! Twice faster than SSD 470 Series!

It looks like Samsung is all set to release a new line of super fast Solid-state drives and the Korean-based company says that their new SSDs (830 Series) will be twice faster than their current SSD 470 Series Solid-state drives!

Samsung SSD 830 Series: How fast are the new SSD 830 Series Solid-state drives compared to SSD 470 Series?

Samsung’s SSD 470 Series has a few models, ranging from 64GB, 128GB and 256GB Solid-state drives. Their read speeds are already pretty amazing since 470 Series Solid-state drives have read speeds up to 250MB/s! Their write speed are just as amazing, from anywhere between 170MB/s to 220MB/s! Bloody fast, I’m telling ya!

Samsung Sets to Broaden Consumer SSD market with Release of SSD 830 Series

Such speeds are unimaginable and Samsung’s new 830 Series Solid-state drives will be twice faster than their current 470 Series Solid-state drives! So please, don’t even try to imagine how fast Samsung’s new 830 Series Solid-state drives are!

I would not be surprised if Samsung is able to build the world’s fastest PC with their new 830 Series Solid-state drives. For your information, Samsung has already built one a few years ago!

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