Blogger adds ‘Recommend this on Google’ to Google+ share button. I’m not happy! :(

Here’s something new that bloggers using Blogger should take note.

Previously, the Google+ share button would only display its well recognized icon on Blogger blogs but as of today, Blogger has added ‘Recommend this on Google’ to the right-hand side of the icon. Thus making the Google+ share button the widest share button compared to other share buttons that have been prepared by Blogger.

Why did Blogger add ‘Recommend this on Google’?

I suspect Blogger somehow realizes that not many visitors of Blogger blogs know what the Google+ share button is for. By adding that long ‘Recommend this on Google’, Blogger is probably hoping that more and more visitors will use that Google+ share button.

Things to consider after the addition of ‘Recommend this on Google’ to Blogger’s Google+ share button

Some bloggers love to customize the look and feel of their Blogger share buttons. Some bloggers like me even integrate other 3rd-party share buttons with the existing Blogger share buttons. If you have done something like what I have done, then you have no choice but to do a little more tweaking to your customized share buttons. In my case, the addition of ‘Recommend this on Google’ to the right-hand side of the Google+ share button breaks (totally!) the visual presentation of my customized share buttons. The sudden width expansion of the new Google+ share button forced my Google+ share button to skip a line and pops out below other share buttons.

Damn! :(

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Alex Went said...

Any solution to this? It's buggered up my formatting completely

Saidul A Shaari said...


I can see that you have a few blogs. I just might be able to help you but you have to show me the problem you're facing first. Give me a link or something.

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