World’s fastest (PC) personal computer, it’s not an Apple!

Do you know what happens after you link 24 super fast SSD (Solid-state drives) as a RAID array on Windows Vista? You might have just created your very own super fast computer, possibly the fastest PC in the world!

More about the world’s fastest personal computer

One IT wizard from Samsung shocked the whole world a few months back; he created an amazing PC computer from the following parts:

  1. 26 Samsung SSD 256GB MLC (Hey, I thought 24!)
  2. 4 Kingston 888MHz FBDIMM 1GB (read RAM)
  3. 6 1*SAS -> 4*SATA SFF-8087 (Cable/Adapter)
  4. 6 1 Molex -> 4*SATA Power (Connector)
  5. 2 Corsair HX1000W Power Supply
  6. 2 Intel Extreme QS9775 Quad-Core
  7. 2 Zalman Coolers
  8. 2 Radeon HD 4870 x2 Graphics
  9. 1 Intel Skulltrail D5400XS Motherboard
  10. 1 Adaptec 5 Series RAID (8 channel)
  11. 1 Areca 1680ix-24 RAID
  12. 1 Thermaltake Armor case

The end results were astounding! Check this out:

  • Ran all 53 programs from the Windows Start Menu in 18.09 seconds
  • Ran all Microsoft Office programs in 0.5 seconds
  • Full defrag (defragmentation) completed in just a few seconds
  • Recycled 5.6GB of junk in just a few seconds

I guess it is time to take a closer look at those super fast Samsung SSD drives. Why should we let those gamers have all the fun!? ;)

World’s fastest personal computer, it’s not an Apple!
xayana CC

Updated on October 26th 2:55 AM:

World's fastest personal computer

A visitor left a comment and raised some questions about this whole thing but I think he or she got it all wrong. If this whole super fast personal computer thing is some kind of a hoax, why in the world did Samsung include the above video on their corporate site?

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Anonymous said...

Based on current price it looks like 26 Samsung SSD 256GB MLC cost something like $18000. That's a crazy test indeed :-)

Unknown said...


Of course! That's why Samsung sponsored the whole test. :)

tincopper2 said...

Saidul, can I make a "test" they can sponsor? lol

Anonymous said...


I really don't know but you can always contact Samsung and try your luck. :)

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