Pinpoint: Mapping locations with unique custom URLs. Possibly better than foursquare!

A new online mapping app has just been launched earlier today and I thought it would be great if I give it a quick mention on this blog. Come and take a quick look at Pinpoint, enabling you to map locations with unique custom URLs and I think it has the potential to offer something better than foursquare.

The just launched online mapping app is called Pinpoint and here’s how Max Tolstokorov (CEO of Pinpoint) describes it:
"People can use [Pinpoint] to store and share pins with friends. Businesses can use it in everyday work flow or as a marketing tool when they need to manipulate dozens of points on a map and to share them with colleagues or clients. It will be a dynamic asset to real estate agencies, banks, hotels, even locations for Hollywood film crews."

Pinpoint reminds me of NAC Geographic Products Inc.’s Universal Geocoding Solution. Pinpoint shares the same concept with the Universal Geocoding Solution and it even offers the same convenience but Pinpoint makes it even much easier for the common people to bookmark and share locations with others. By giving locations their own unique custom URLs, users no longer have to find the same locations over and over again. Just post some pins, grab their unique custom URLs and you are ready to share interesting locations with your friends anytime, anywhere even via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Nice!

PinPoint - Screenshot 1

PinPoint - Screenshot 2

Pinpoint has the potential to offer something better than foursquare but it lacks the mobile touch that foursquare is well known for. Pinpoint should consider releasing a few mobile apps and let their users bring Pinpoint to a whole new level.
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