Cushions? Pillows for iPad and iPad 2? Make yourself (& your iPad) comfortable?

I stumbled upon something interesting that raised my eyebrows a few moments ago. Normally cushions and pillows are associated with us humans but now it seems gadgets such as the iPad need them too! One online store selling iPad cushions and pillows even has the following tagline; ‘Make yourself (& your iPad) comfortable’! Err… Are you looking for pillows or cushions for your iPad or iPad 2? Read on if you are!

Cushions? Pillows for iPad and iPad 2? Make yourself (& your iPad) comfortable?

Sheesh! Finds it a little hard to believe but I can understand why some iPad users need cushions and pillows for their iPads and iPad 2s. The iPad cushion stand that caught my attention just now is designed by IPEVO. It is made from soft foam and has a cotton blue stonewashed-denim cover. Has to admit that it looks great! IPEVO’s iPad cushion can also be folded out to let users use their iPads or iPad 2s with some wireless keyboards. See it in action down below.

As for its ‘Make yourself (& your iPad) comfortable‘ tagline, I’m not going to say anything. You decide! But I do have a question. iPads and iPad 2s are designed to be portable. Do you want to carry big pillows and cushions everywhere you go?

iPad 2
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