What’s new with iPad 2

Apple launched the all new iPad 2 a few hours ago and Apple geeks have gone nuts, again!! I just have to shake my head but let’s not talk about them. Let’s see what iPad 2 has to offer. Read on for more.

iPad 2's new features

1. iPad 2 has a new design (obviously) and it is 33% thinner and 15% lighter than the first iPad.

2. iPad 2 runs on a new dual-core A5 processor.

3. iPad 2 has 2 cameras. One is a front-facing VGA camera and the other one is a rear-facing camera that allows users to capture 720p HD videos. The front-facing VGA camera supports Apple’s FaceTime and iPad 2 is the first iPad to get this. It also means that iPad 2 users can now talk about bringing down their government with millions of other iPhone 4, Mac and iPod users. :)

4. Comes with iOS 4.3 (the latest version), promises faster mobile browsing and etc.

5. Has a built-in gyroscope that enables advanced gaming. What the heck for? We already have better-designed mobile gaming consoles for crying out loud!

iPad 2 - Courtesy of Apple

6. Supports HDMI Video Mirroring, allowing users to stream media on HDTVs. It requires the use of an optional adaptor and you have to pay for that. :(

7. Here’s another wallet-burner. :( You have to pay anywhere from $39 (polyurethane) to $69 (leather) to get the new iPad 2 Smart Cover screen protector. Apple says that the screen protector will automatically wakes up iPad 2 when it is opened and puts it to sleep when it is closed. Sounds cool but why can’t Apple bundle this with the whole thing?

8. iPad 2’s launch also saw the introduction of 2 new apps; iMovie and GarageBand. In a nutshell, iMovie allows you to shoot and edit videos with your iPad 2 and upload them to video sites. GarageBand on the other hand will make a musician out of you.

9. The newest eyebrow-raising feature is of course the iPad 2’s dollar sign factor. It’s pretty expensive. :( For iPad 2 Wi-Fi, you have to fork out $499 for the 16GB model, $599 for the 32GB and $699 for the 64GB. For iPad2 Wi-Fi+3G, you have to fork out even more ridiculous amount of money. $629 for the 16GB model, $729 for the 32GB and $829 for the 64GB model! There goes your wallet, geeks! Bwah ha ha.. [Steve Jobs, laughing]

Note: iPad 2 will be available (US) on March 11th onwards. For geeks in other parts of the world, you have to wait until March 25th onwards.

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Anonymous said...

You whine a lot, don't you?

Anonymous said...


Bwah ha ha... Yes, I do! :)

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