Clip-in Hair Extensions online store launched. But..

Do you know that an enterprising Malaysian has launched a unique online store selling all kinds of clip-in hair extensions? Yes, indeed and he’s from Johor Bahru! Read on to know more.

Clip-in Hair Extensions online store launched. But..

Honestly speaking, I’m a bit surprised to see this in an international press release distribution website. You’ll understand why soon enough.

The enterprising Malaysian behind this online store is Cheng Siew Wah and he believes that many people out there are looking for a one-stop clip-in hair extension shopping mall. His belief led him to the launch of and he said that he will be adding more products from time to time.

I don’t know much about clip-in hair extensions but from what I have been reading, I believe clip-in hair extensions allow women to shorten or lengthen their hair without haircuts. I don’t really care anyway. :)

Clip Hair Extension

This is what I really want to deliver and I hope Cheng Siew Wah will take this with an open mind. I have a few online stores myself and I have to say that your online store is clearly lacking. Your products are for the ladies out there and they are very particular. If your online store could not entice women, they will just go away and find some other enticing online stores.

Please, pimp up your online store a little bit. :)
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