HomeBiss is a Glitterati, 48 hours after surrendering to Nuffnang. But… Where are my ads?

Just a quick post to stupidly boast about the success of the HomeBiss blog in achieving the impossible (over exaggerated), gaining acceptance to the elite Nuffnang Glitterati club in more or less 48 hours! ;) Am I happy with the success? Should I be happy? Read on for more.

HomeBiss is a Glitterati, 48 hours after surrendering to Nuffnang. But… Where are my ads?

What is a Glitterati?

I’m kinda sleepy at the moment. Let Nuffnang do all the talking.

What do I mean by ‘…surrendering to Nuffnang…’?

I’m not really new to Nuffnang. I joined Nuffnang way back in 2007 but Nuffnang failed to make me happy at that particular time. After a few months of serving their ads, I eventually made the decision to remove Nuffnang ads from my blogs on September 17th 2007.

After hearing lots of positive comments about Nuffnang in the last few weeks, I told myself that I should give Nuffnang a second chance (this is what I meant by ‘surrendering’). I added this blog to Nuffnang last Friday January 15th and by Sunday January 17th, I found that Nuffnang has already given me their exclusive Glitterati treatment.

HomeBiss is a Glitterati

Am I happy with Nuffnang today?

I’m afraid not. :( It is almost a week now and I have yet to see a single Nuffnang ad on my blog! Where are my ads!? Come on, you’re wasting my time here!
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