Free Apple Tablets (iPad) up for grabs! :)

It was only couple of hours ago when I blogged about the opportunity to get a free Nexus One smartphone. Looks like I have more wonderful news for you readers. Here is your chance to win a super hot iPad (Apple Tablet - the whole world is talking about it right now)! How to win it? Read on for more.

Free Apple Tablets (iPad) up for grabs! :)

Err… What is an iPad?

Well, I’m still crunching all the data that I have on this just-launched mobile device and I dare not say anything for the time being. To give you an idea what it is all about, let’s ponder upon the description that was given by Steve Jobs himself; “Way better than a laptop, way better than a smartphone…”

Here’s one video and couple of photos of the iPad

Who’s giving away free iPads? Steve Jobs?

Nope, not Steve Jobs but HubSpot.

How to win a free iPad? Say nice things about the iPad?

No, of course not! Most Apple geeks have already done that by now and they’re getting nothing. :)

In order to win a free iPad (thanks for the opp, HubSpot!), all you need to do is retweet HubSpot’s blog post using the retweet button (right there on the blog post). HubSpot is offering 3 brand new Apple Tablets (iPad) and winners will be selected at random.

I have given it a few retweets and you should too! Good luck! :)
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