Nuffnang sucks?

Say’s who?

I said so!

I have been using Nuffnang as part of my online monetization tools on one my high traffic blogs for quiet some time now and I am not at all happy with it! :-(

I can’t believe that I only earned a pathetic Malaysian 0.30 cents from it. It is utterly ridiculous! I even made more money from Advertlets! I made the decision to totally remove my Nuffnang ads from my high traffic blog a few days back.

What about you readers out there? Are you making good money from Nuffnang lately?

Give me your thoughts on Nuffnang. I would love to hear them. If you guys made money out of it, I would reconsider my decision.

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eStee said...

Nuffnang has made me over $200. I say be patient.

DK said...

So how much did you make from Advertlets? Maybe we can make a better comparsion here. :)

Ramono said...

nuffnang really sucks...same thing happen...2 blogs published for 2 months just get decide to take out nuffnang ads...the best still adsense...but not much choice for local language (malay) site...

pinoythinker said...

They are making as fool...when my nuffnang earnings was near on its threshold level and a small penny could help it out to pass the hreshold level, unlucky, they stop the ads that were running on my site. They are not processional business partner..they doomed the bloggers,,,

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