Free Blog Monetization eBooks (AdSense, Kontera & Chitika) up for grabs. Thanks, Joel Comm!

Here’s another great opportunity for you readers out there. If you happen to be a blogger or a webmaster, this is one opportunity that you should not miss! Thanks to the generosity of Joel Comm, you lucky people may now download 3 of his popular Blog Monetization eBooks for free! This is a time limited offer, grab it now! Read on for more.

Free Blog Monetization eBooks (AdSense, Kontera & Chitika) up for grabs. Thanks, Joel Comm!

Who is Joel Comm?

He’s a well known internet marketer and he also happens to be one of my Internet Marketing Gurus. His products so far have helped me monetized my niche sites, landing pages and blogs.

Why is he giving away his precious products for free?

Beats me! Let’s not ask too many questions about it, just take this opportunity to download his eBooks.

What can we ‘steal’… err… download from Joel Comm?

AdSense Secrets 4

This is the ultimate guide for all AdSense publishers especially for those struggling to make decent earnings from their AdSense ads. Download it today even though you’re not an AdSense publisher! Who knows, you might be interested in trying out Google AdSense after reading his eBook!

Kontera ContentLink Secrets

Kontera is a good AdSense alternative for bloggers and webmasters. Thanks to Joel Comm, Kontera publishers now have access to some great tips and tricks to help them get the most from their Kontera ads.

Chitika Secrets 4

Chitika is also another great AdSense alternative and that is something that I can personally vouch for since I’m a Chitika publisher myself. :) But I must mention here that Chitika works best for blogs and websites that receive organic traffic (via search engines) from Canada and America. If you’re looking for some great tips and tricks to improve your Chitika earnings, Joel Comm’s eBook is a good start!

Via Joel Comm
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