Finally broke my $500-per-day barrier on Clickbank

Do you know what had happened on September 4th 2009? It was the day when I finally broke my personal $500-per-day barrier on Clickbank and this short post will mark the achievement as another milestone that I have reached in my chaotic life as an affiliate marketer! :)

Finally broke my $500-per-day barrier on Clickbank

Finally broke my $500-per-day barrier on Clickbank
Clickbank in general is pretty new to Malay$ians even though many have known about it for quite some time. Unfortunately for those who know what Clickbank can do to their bank accounts, they could not do anything about it. Back then, they could only hope and pray that Clickbank will be opened to all Malay$ians one day.

On April 25th 2008, Clickbank finally gave Malay$ians the much needed cheers. After waiting for so many years, Malay$ians can finally start promoting or selling digital products via Clickbank. I was surprised by the development but quickly jumped into the bandwagon and signed up as a Clickbank affiliate on the very same day (refer to the above screenshot taken on September 8th 2009) it was opened to all Malay$ians. :)

To be honest, promoting Clickbank products is not my expertise and I certainly do not concentrate fully on it but I do have some Clickbank affiliate links on some of my eStores, micro niche sites, landing pages and blogs. I do not put much hope on Clickbank since I know that it is not easy to sell intangible digital products but I was pleasantly surprised nonetheless to see that I can actually make some money from it. As time went by, my Clickbank earnings grew but somehow I failed to break my personal and stubborn $500-per-day barrier.

Like what I have said earlier, I do not concentrate fully on Clickbank. I do not login into my Clickbank account and check on my earnings on daily basis like most Clickbank affiliates. I login once in a while, perhaps once in every 3 or 4 days. Well, to make it short, something delightful happened to me after I logged in into my Clickbank account last Monday September 7th 2009 (I did mention this on Facebook) and I will always remember that day.

Yes, that was the day when I discovered that I have finally broken my personal $500-per-day barrier on Clickbank and it all happened on Friday September 4th 2009, in the auspicious month of Ramadhan!

The Magic of Ramadhan, what can I say? :)


Don’t bother to look for my super secret eStores, micro niche sites or landing pages. None of my precious money-making sites have my name on them (follow the following link and get to know why it is best to do affiliate marketing without revealing your Muslim/Malay name). Whatever that you have found online that has my name on it is just some stupid experimental or demo site (I think I have a few) that I have created in the past.
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