“Google Nexus One” domain names up for grabs

Anybody here interested in getting a few domain names that have current hot keywords such as “nexus 1 google” or “google nexus 1”? Here’s your chance to get a few but you better make it quick since they’re highly sought after as of time of writing. Read on for more.

“Google Nexus One” domain names up for grabs

As an affiliate marketer that toys with Niche Marketing, I could not help but think about setting up a few niche sites around the Google Phone (HTC Nexus One), the hottest smartphone right now. It is not there on the shelves yet but many have already lauded the Google Phone as the iPhone-killer, yeah right (What do you expect from geeks? Give them something new and they’ll sing praises all night). Anyhow, I spent a few hours researching domain names and found that everything have been taken (except for a few long tail domain names but I’m not interested). That was the bad news. The good news is that some of the taken domain names end up at eBay and those interested in getting one or two can start bidding now (click on the following screenshots to do so). Good luck! :)

“Google Nexus One” domain names up for grabs“Google Nexus One” domain names up for grabs


Here’s a disturbing thought. How can we be sure that Google will not change the name of their Google Phone (HTC Nexus One) in the near future? Think about it before you fork out a lot of money on “google nexus one” domain names.
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