Content Thief caught red-handed:

This will be the first of many posts (I will do this once a week, if time permits) that will feature content thieves that have blatantly stolen my blog posts (without my prior consent of course) and used them on their pathetic websites and/or blogs without giving proper attributions. As for today, the honor goes to (gotcha!). Read on for more.

Content Thief:

I knew it all along but I just kept it to myself because I want to see how far would go with their crime of the century. After months of silent monitoring, yesterday I made the decision to confront and give them a well deserved ‘surprise’ (curses included).

Content Thief caught red-handed:

The above post (refer to the above screenshot, click it for a bigger view) was first or originally posted here on this blog; Nokia users love Nokia X6’s super sensitive 3.2” capacitive touchscreen, more than anything!

If you have the time, please compare both posts. You will later see that has removed all links (internal & external) from the blog post that they have stolen from me. Both posts are identical (100%) but bear in mind that I was the one who did all the hard work. Can you see my name or the name of my blog (not even one God-damn backlink!) anywhere on’s post?

No, of course not! :(

You know what pisses me off most about Not only has stolen my blog posts, even has the audacity to syndicate my work and take all the credit on another site (Zimbio)! Look at what has done to my blog posts!

Original Post: Psst… Somebody’s giving away a free Android-powered T-Mobile myTouch 3GOriginal Post: Download BOLT 1.6, the perfect mobile web browser for Nokia, BlackBerry, Palm and Windows Mobile smartphones

Enough is enough!

I hereby give exactly 48 hours to remove everything that they had stolen from me and that includes content (my creative work) that they have posted at, Zimbio and any other content sharing sites. Failure to do so will be dealt with severely!

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