Holy cow! Google FeedBurner says I lost 2,666 subscribers on Christmas Eve!

Here’s something that will cheer up those that I have pissed off in the blogging world. Guess what guys! I have lost 2,666 RSS subscribers (via Google FeedBurner) in just 24 hours! What’s going on? What went wrong? Find out by reading on! :)

Holy cow! Google FeedBurner says I lost 2,666 subscribers on Christmas Eve!

My average number of subscribers in the last 30 days

My number of subscribers on December 23rd

My number of subscribers on Christmas Eve

Should I hit the panic button and commit suicide?

No! This is because this is not an isolated event; it has affected other bloggers too. Feel free to look around if you don’t believe me. :)

What the hell happened then?

Come and read the following comment made by Rick Klau from Google FeedBurner:
“… The fluctuations are almost always due to people using stand-alone computers who don’t turn their computer on, or don’t load their feed reader on a given day. If their feed reader doesn’t ask for the feed that day, we don’t see them, and consequently don’t include them as a subscriber. (note from Darren – this is why on weekends numbers tend to go down as a result of less people checking their feed reader)…”

Hey, it’s Christmas and everybody’s celebrating! Nobody wants to read blogs or check on their RSS feed readers on Christmas! ;)
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