Google FeedBurner dumps FriendFeed and bloggers are losing subscribers?

This is just a quick follow-up to a blog post posted yesterday about my missing subscribers (via Google FeedBurner). Earlier today I have discovered that one of the reasons why bloggers are missing a lot of subscribers on their Google FeedBurner counts is because of the sudden, mysterious disappearance of FriendFeed from the system. Read on for more.

Google FeedBurner dumps FriendFeed and bloggers are losing subscribers?

To those missing the ‘fun’, please read my previous post. It is all about the awesome wonder of losing thousands of RSS feed subscribers (via Google FeedBurner) in just 24 hours and I’m not the only blogger in the world who faces such a problem!

I’ll make this short. If you’re missing RSS feed subscribers like I do, take a closer look at your Google FeedBurner Feed Stat Dashboard. Click on that ‘Subscribers’ link and see if you can spot the difference between your list of Feed Readers and Aggregators for the following dates:

  • December 23rd
  • December 24th onwards

Let me give you a clue. It’s FriendFeed and I won’t be surprised if you discover that FriendFeed is listed on December 23rd but it went missing after Christmas Eve (December 24th).

Take note that some bloggers have reported the sudden disappearance of FriendFeed to the FeedBurner Help Group and you can see an example here. So please, do not panic. :)
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