Compare Google, Bing and Yahoo search results side by side

Do you know that you can basically compare Google, Bing and Yahoo search results side by side on your browser?

Compare Google, Bing and Yahoo search results side by side

Compare Google, Bing and Yahoo search results side by side

A few days back, I blogged about Bingle that gives us the opportunity to compare Google and Bing search results side by side. Now thanks to Michael Kordahi (claims to work for Microsoft), we can now compare Google, Bing (Microsoft’s new search engine) and Yahoo search results side by side right from our preferred browsers.

There’s only one problem. To make it hysterically fun, Michael’s app would not let you know from where those search results come from, hence the name Blind Search for his mysterious hair-pulling app. You are supposed to select and vote for the column (search results) that best answers your search query.

Why is Michael doing this? In his exact words:
‘The goal of this site is simple, we want to see what happens when you remove the branding from search engines. How differently will you perceive the results?’

Hmm… I could not help wondering about the word ‘we’ shown above. Is this a private venture or does Microsoft has anything to do with Blind Search?

Oh well, have fun with Michael’s app. :)
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John said...

I just visited the site again and it looks like someone is "gaming the system" which is a shame, but I guess you had to know that was going to happen. Got to wonder if it's MS that was gaming it? Was Google being pushed further to the top, or was Yahoo rising and Bing being blown out of the water?

imDavidLee said...

i found that the search result quite same for those 3 search engine, how come?

LimPek said...

i more prefer using Google cos it always bring me alot bout u? Do u have any tactics increase traffics frm yahoo?

Saidul A Shaari said...


Yeah, I've heard of about people gaming Blind Search. I guess they're doing that to show support for their favorite search engines. :)


There are similarities but they're not the same. Each search engine has its unique algorithm and it is different than the rest.


Of course, Google has always been kind to bloggers like us, thus your preference is understandable.

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