Bingle compares Google & Bing search results side by side

Do you know that Bingle compares Google and Bing (Microsoft’s new search engine [snicker snicker]) search results side by side?

Bingle compares Google & Bing search results side by side

Sheesh… Everybody’s talking about Bing these days. Weeks earlier, we had to cope with Wolfram|Alpha’s ridiculousness and now another new search engine is messing up our daily routines on Google and I hate distractions. :(

Alright, here’s a nice distraction for you readers out there. If you’re a blogger or an internet marketer (I’m both), you can use Bingle to compare Google and Bing search results side by side.

Bingle compares Google & Bing search results side by side

What the heck for?

Well, bloggers have blogs and most internet marketers have mini niche sites and they can use Bingle to compare search engine rankings. Compared mine yesterday and so far I can say that Bing (Bong) is not kind on blogs and niche sites but I’m not going to waste my time on optimizing my existing blogs, niches sites and eStores for Bing. Bing’s market share in the world of search engines is still pathetic and I believe it will remain pathetic in the next few months.

Why bother?
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imDavidLee said...

may i know where Bing from?

Saidul A Shaari said...


Have you really read my post? I did mention that Bing is Microsoft's new search engine.

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