Examples of Facebook Vanity URL hijackings

Do you know that Facebook’s decision to let users create distinct/unique URLs for their respective Facebook profiles has led to numerous cases of URL hijackings? Examples are shown down below for your immediate horror.

Examples of Facebook Vanity URL hijackings

If you have no idea what this is all about, please read The Facebook Blog.

1. facebook.com/obiefernandez (hijacker has been reprimanded by Facebook?)

Examples of Facebook Vanity URL hijackings

The guy who got the above mentioned vanity URL is actually known as Mike Pence on Facebook. As you can see from the above screenshot, the real Obie Fernandez (bear in mind that it is possible to have more than one Obie Fernandez in the real world) is not at all amused with Mike’s new vanity URL.

2. facebook.com/frankkern

Examples of Facebook Vanity URL hijackings

Frank Kern is a well known name (more like a brand!) in the world of internet marketing. To my surprise, the guy that got the above vanity URL is not Frank Kern but some bloke that goes by the name of Kayne West.

3. facebook.com/georgebush

Examples of Facebook Vanity URL hijackings

George Bush could be anybody but I’m sure almost everybody will relate that name to the former bad and nasty American President. The bad news here is that the above vanity URL does not belong to anybody by the name of George Bush, instead some bloke by the name of Dusty Sayer got it.
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