Best Online Password Manager: LastPass

Many say that LastPass is one of the best online password managers but is it really one of the best? Find out today.

Best Online Password Manager: LastPass

I have heard a lot about LastPass and many say that it is a great online password manager. My curiosity got the better of me and earlier today I gave it a quick test drive. So far I can say that I’m happy with LastPass and thought that it would be great if I give it a quick mention here. :)

At first glance, LastPass does have what it takes to be one of the best online password managers. Take a quick look at LastPass’s incredible features:
  • One master password: You only have to remember your LastPass password and forget about the rest.
  • One click login: You don’t have to key in all your other passwords online. LastPass will do it for you.
  • Backup and restore: LastPast can backup your online passwords and will restore them when you change computers.
  • Create secure passwords: LastPast can help users create stronger passwords.
  • Save passwords to USB storage devices: LastPass allows users to save their passwords to USB storage devices so that they can access their passwords on other computers with their USB storage devices.

LastPast has lots of other cool features and I think it is great for those that have lots of different usernames and passwords (I’m one of them). If you’re having problems remembering your usernames and passwords, give LastPass a shot today. :)
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