Excellent Free Web filtering and Monitoring software: Family Safety beta

Windows Live Family Safety beta is probably the best free web filtering and monitoring software for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

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Windows Live Essentials beta went live earlier today (or was it yesterday?), giving Google and their well known Google Pack a good run for the money. Just like Google Pack, Windows Live Essentials beta also offers PC users free programs that they can download and use on their computers/laptops.

As of time of writing, free programs that PC users can download are as follows:
  • Messenger beta
  • Mail beta
  • Writer beta
  • Photo Gallery beta
  • Movie Maker beta
  • Family Safety beta
  • Toolbar beta
  • Microsoft Office Outlook Connector
  • Office Live Add-in
  • Microsoft Silverlight

I have checked out almost everything there is about Windows Live Essentials beta in the last few hours but I found that the gem of the pack is certainly Family Safety beta. Family Safety beta is an excellent free web filtering and monitoring software, giving PC users (especially parents that have internet savvy kids at home) the power to control internet access at home. Windows Live web filtering and monitoring software allow users to limit searches, block or allow sites, monitor sites that their kids visit and if their kids are using Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail or Spaces, parents can even use Family Safety beta to block their nasty online friends from communicating with them.

Take note that Windows Live Family Safety beta web filtering and monitoring software only works on Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista. Check out the following video to see how Microsoft products help you protect your family.

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