Wikinvest: Grab their Stock Chart Widget

I noticed that Erick Schonfeld from TechCrunch has a post on Wikinvest today but he failed to mention something that is quite significant about Wikinvest. I guess Erick failed to notice that Wikinvest has the only embeddable, interactive stock chart on the World Wide Web.

Wikinvest has the only embeddable, interactive stock chart on the web?

Yes, at least that’s what Wikinvest claims to have but I have no way of confirming it at the moment. I have used their Stock Chart widgets couple of times in the past (not on this blog) and many liked it. Take a look at the example I have for you down below. It is interactive alright but I could not say much about its graphics. Perhaps Wikinvest should consider polishing them a little bit. Don’t get mad at me Wikinvest, I’m just giving you folks a good hint. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm from Wikinvest - thanks for the feedback on the chart design, and for trying them out. We're always looking to improve it. Any specific suggestions, either what you didn't like about the design or how you think we could improve it? Drop me an email at parker /at/ wikinvest /dot/ com

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