Reframe It: Bloggers worst nightmare?

Would you like to use a brand new tool that allows you to comment on any web pages including blogs without having to worry about moderations and permissions?

I know how much you folks hate certain web sites and blogs (including mine, I suppose), now here is the chance that you have been waiting for. Reframe It, a brand new tool that has been launched earlier today allows you to post comments no matter how stinking they might be on any web pages and that includes on stupid blogs like mine. :-)

Reframe It

Please watch the following videos to see ReFrame It in action.

Erick Schonfeld from TechCrunch who gave Reframe It a quick review earlier today seems to like Reframe It but he’s not happy with the glitches that he has discovered. Check this out:
The service itself does a decent job of letting you markup the Web and read other members’ comments in context. The problem, as with all of the similar services that have come before it, is that the chances of coming across a Web page that has Reframe It comments is pretty small. So the side pane (which at least is collapsible) will be pretty useless for most people. The comments also are slow to load. It might appeal to heavy commenters, however.

Source: TechCrunch

I strongly recommend webmasters and bloggers to signup for Reframe It and monitor your respective sites and blogs from today onwards. Watch out for stinging comments from Reframe It users that may or may not like what you have been doing at your sites or blogs. You may consider this as additional tasks that you simply have to do in the near future. :-)

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