Naughty America Direct: Bringing filth to your desktop

I’m really surprised to see a well known tech blog such as TechCrunch covered a porn site earlier today. Personally, I find it unbecoming for TechCrunch to help such sites. I hope that TechCrunch will be more careful with their tech news coverage in the future.

So, what is so special Naughty America Direct that Jason Kincaid just has to blog about it today?

Naughty America Direct

It is probably nothing but Naughty America Direct is developing an Adobe Air-based online store (Jason calls it iTunes for Porn) to make it even easier for people to purchase and download adult entertainment videos (filth, as far as I’m concerned). Yuck!

As a concerned parent, my concerns are with our kids and teenagers. Sites such as Naughty America Direct can corrupt young minds even more.

Can Naughty America Direct guarantees that those under the age of 18 would not be able to gain access to their adult entertainment services?

Can Naughty America Direct guarantees that videos downloaded by adults would not be distributed to kids and teenagers?

I have so many questions and concerns but little answers. Parents out there, watch out for Naughty America Direct.

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Come And Get It: Naughty America Is Building An iTunes For Porn
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Mike said...

Are you serious? This is awesome!!!

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