EarthComber sues TechCrunch! For what!?

TechCrunch’s latest post (posted by Michael Arrington) gave me a shock. Why? It was shocking because it revealed that TechCrunch has been sued by Earthcomber!

It all started when EarthComber started suing Loopt last week. All of sudden and out of nowhere, EarthComber added TechCrunch in their lawsuit yesterday. I failed to understand what the whole lawsuit is all about but details of it can be found from the following DocStoc document.

TechCrunch Lawsuit - Free Legal Forms

May the Force be with you, EarthComber

Based from what I have read from Michael’s post, one thing is certain. TechCrunch is not at all happy with EarthComber’s lawsuit and they will go all out to fight EarthComber. Check out Michael’s stinging comments down below:
I’m not going to go into a lot of detail on the specifics of the patent claims, other than that they are absurd, since our lawyers have asked me not to. But I will say this - adding TechCrunch to a lawsuit based on the fact that we are a search filter (see image to left) in a product seems a little absurd to me. I’ve asked our attorneys to spend whatever it takes to kill this lawsuit, and to find a way to counter sue this guy into the stone age.

Source: TechCrunch

Whoa! Who says tech blogs could not kick ass!? I guess EarthComber better watch out for TechCrunch. They’re pissing mad at the moment.

I really like TechCrunch and I hope they will get through this unscathed. Take care, guys!

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Earthcomber Sues TechCrunch Out Of Spite, Pisses Me Off Personally
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Anonymous said...

Earthcomber head Jim Brady has taken a hit in the 'Smart' category. His ratings in other areas aren't looking too good either: Compare that to Mike Arrington's current ratings - - and you get an idea of where public opinion is.

Anonymous said...

Felon Jeremy Stamper has even taken a harder hit, as his ripoff flim flam scams have made him the embarrassment of the Boeing family. Jeremy Stamper stands 4 feet 10 inches tall, is a Twink, and likes to rip off the elderly.

Ironically, Jeremy Stamper's website is the best thing that ever happened to this chipmonk-sized handjob--and it absolutely SUCKS.

Back to the land of underachieving descendants of the rich and famous, Kiddo.

Er, I mean Fucko.

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