Camtasia Studio Alternative: ScreenToaster

There is a new online screen recorder and anybody can use it for free! Thanks to ScreenToaster, making screencasts, tutorial videos and even demo videos is so much easier and faster. To use ScreenToaster, no download is necessary and it works on Windows, Mac OS and even Linux. Just like YouTube and any other video sharing sites, ScreenToaster also allows you to share your ScreenToaster videos with everybody else on the World Wide Web. Your fans can even embed your ScreenToaster videos on their blogs/web sites or send them to somebody else via emails.

ScreenToaster is awesome! I love it!

Check out an example of ScreenToaster’s embeddable video (You can also learn more about ScreenToaster from the following video) down below.

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Create No Download Screencasts In Seconds With ScreenToaster
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Anonymous said...

while online screencasting software like toaster and jing is great, the power of Camtasia Studio and the editing capabilities far out-weights these online tools.

Best of luck with your screencasting!

Peter - Camtasia Guide

Anonymous said...

well i dont think the future in the softwares...
the future is online

Anonymous said...

At ScreenToaster we also think that the future is online.

That is why we created our free online screen recorder.

We are about to implement audio features and the possibility to add subtitles. Keep an eye on it.

More features to come : improved fluidity & quality, video portal, local & Youtube export.

The ScreenToaster team.

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