Amazon Windowshop lets you have some fun before they took your money

Amazon launched an alternative destination for their regular visitors, a new site known as Amazon Windowshop that allows visitors to have some fun before they are ‘forced’ to part with their hard earned cash. Just kidding, Amazon! :-)

Amazon Windowshop

Seriously, Amazon Workshop is really a fun place to visit since you can see some of the hottest movies, video games, TV shows and even music there. Jason Kincaid gave Amazon Windowshop a quick visit earlier today and he seems to like it too:
WindowShop is fun to play with, but the site should include some kind of navigation (for example, I should be able to look at just books). I realize that part of the fun comes from stumbling across random products, but at this point the site is more of a novelty than something I’d visit regularly.

Source: TechCrunch

Hey! I have a feeling that Amazon Windowshop will make more money for Amazon! Just make sure that your kids won’t spend too much time there. :-)
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dr3d said...

At you can find a 3D Bookstore, 3D toystore, several 3D art and poster stores, a 3D tshirt store (2 floors), and a 3D Flickr Gallery (just for fun) that are more immersive than Amazon’s WindowShop

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