Download Google Chrome (Beta) for Windows now!

That’s right, folks! Google Chrome (Beta) for Windows is now available for download!

Google Chrome, Google’s Open Source Browser Project caught the world’s attention yesterday and today you can finally see what it is all about. According to the Official Google Blog, you can now download and start playing around with Google Chrome!

Take note that Google Chrome (Beta) for Windows is for Windows XP/Vista only.

Google Chrome is faster than Firefox 3

I have downloaded and installed it couple of minutes earlier and found that it is definitely faster than Firefox 3! Google Chrome looks really cool too and it has all the features mentioned in that Google Chrome comic book.

Well done Google! Microsoft (referring to IE8), eat your heart out!

Edited on September 3rd 2008 4:30 AM

VentureBeat is not happy with the fact that Google failed to provide Mac and Linux versions of Google Chrome. Poor VentureBeat, they’re missing lots of fun! :-)

Edited on September 3rd 2008 4:45 AM

Even Don Reisinger from TechCrunch is impressed with Google Chrome. He said; ‘Google Chrome is not only one of the fastest browsers I’ve ever used, it’s easily one of the best.’

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Anonymous said...

Cool! I liked it. However, pages loaded slower than FF3 for me.

JC John SESE-Cuneta said...

It definitely would have been better if they released a Linux and Mac version already, but hey, I can wait ;) I'll play around with the Windows version for now.

Remy said...

I hope Chrome comes out fast for Linux

Remy said...

I hope chrome comes out for Linux sooner.

Anonymous said...

dude if you think chrome loads faster you must be on meth today and not the last time you opened firefox. My chrome is TWICE as slow as FF3~~~ I was hoping for the opposite. :(

manu said...

I have a pop up which contains tabs. In all other browsers it displays except on chrome :(

Kimble said...

Chrome is not faster than FF3. In fact in some situations it's quite a bit slower. Have a look at the tests I did.

Anonymous said...

Guys remember your al comaring Firefox 3 to Chrome. But FF3 has all your most used sites ready in its cache folder. Play with chrome for a few days. Its much faster than FF3

movie buff said...

I hesitate to use even upgraded versions of Chrome, since my last experience using it (first version) left my computer compromised; have they fixed the security issues beyond all doubt?

Anonymous said...

i have chrome and its no different

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