Stick with Google Chrome even if Firefox 3.1 is faster

What do you know? It looks like we have a big web-browser war going on right now.

At first, the web-browser war was only between Google Chrome and IE8 but now it looks like Firefox has beaten their war drums as well.

Mozilla earlier today lays claim that their upcoming Firefox 3.1 which will be powered by TraceMonkey is much faster than Google Chrome and they have some benchmark test results to back it up.

So what? What is Mozilla compared to Google?

Google has more resources than Mozilla and they can easily release a faster version of Google Chrome that can beat the upcoming Firefox 3.1. Mark my words, Google will not sit tight and do nothing. They will come up with something better in the next few weeks. Mark my words!

Besides, speed is not everything. Users need more than just lightning-quick browsing speed these days. Users actually need intelligent web browsers that can do wonderful things for them (killer apps). At the end of the day, the web browser that gave users extra benefits and functionalities will win the current web-browser war.

Sorry Mozilla, your Firefox 3.1 sounds great but I need more than speed. I’ll stick with Google Chrome for the time being.

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Anonymous said...


Have you ever used firefox? or have you just been sucking up to IE all the time? Firefox has changed everything thing since they came in. They have better standards for content rendering then any other browser, And i don't believe Google-chrome would be what it is now, without firefox, anyway chrome still not available for linux and Mac, so where's the war? Chrome is still in beta, whatever said firefox is a better browser than anything around. Google just have a bigger reach if not better software.

Anonymous said...

Google Chrome is not only about speed. It's also about security and crash containment. I think that this newer approach surely brings development and new standarts to browers world.

However, speed isn't everything, has you've pointed out.

I'm firefox user and I'm having a hard time trying to addapt to chrome poorest features enviroment!

It's is true that Firefox doesn't have the financial resources of Google. But they are acostumed to fight their way among gigants (remember IE and Microsoft). They also have a army of developers mentaly prepared for contribuiting for a true free open source world benefiting project.

More than a browser, it's an attitude and a concept.

Maybe it isn't the fast,but they came from nothing and set the standarts. Will they absorb Google Chrome advantages and move on? I've no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Chrome is beta, compare with Firefox beta. I'm a Firefox user for 2/3 years. Half of this choice is justified by the richness of its extensions (firebug,adblock,fireshot,etc...)
The figures show that people won't move to Chrome until there is a real gap in terms of functionality.

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