Twittad: Monetizing Twitter profiles

Would you like to monetize your Twitter profile?

Thanks to Twittad, now it is possible to make a little bit of money from selling advertising space on Twitter profiles. Twittad even allows Twitterers to specify the duration and price of their advertising spaces.

As of time writing, I can already see that some Twitterers have successfully sold their advertising spaces. One lucky Twitterer even managed to sell his or her advertising space for $30.00 for a short 7 days! That’s quite amazing!

There are no minimum requirements that you have to meet in order to take advantage of Twittad. As long as you have a Twitter profile and some Followers following you, you can start making money from Twittad. Take note that Twittad payment threshold is $20.00. Once you have made $20.00 or more, you can request payment from Twittad.

If you are interested in monetizing your Twitter profile, feel free to signup with Twittad today.

Edited on September 3rd 2008 5:00 AM:

Anthony Ha from VentureBeat is skeptical about TwittAd (has sympathies for the advertisers?). Anthony said that people hardly visit Twitter profile pages. He has a strong point there but do we really care?

As long as we have the chance to make a little bit of money from our Twitter profiles, we’ll stick with TwittAd. :-)

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