Scribd iPaper: Monetizing documents with Google AdSense

I read one blog post earlier today and it left me totally dumbfounded! You see, I have been using Scribd for couple of months now to ‘promote’ products on my online stores but I never know that I can actually monetize those documents that I have uploaded to Scribd with Google AdSense!

What is Scribd?

If you don’t know what Scribd is then you must be living on another planet, my friend. :-)

Scribd is the world’s largest document-sharing community! As of time of writing, Scribd has a traffic rank of 363 on Alexa. Use that figure to determine its popularity in the World Wide Web.

Monetizing documents on Scribd with Google AdSense?

Like what I have said earlier, I have been using Scribd for 8 or 9 months now but I got to know that I can actually monetize documents with Google AdSense only today.

Before you say that I’m an idiot, let me explain why I didn’t know anything about this before. Like any other Scribd community members, I use Scribd to upload and share documents with everybody. That is the common use of Scribd and I’m happy with it. So when Scribd came up with iPaper on February 19th 2008, I never did bother to check it out. That is why I didn’t know anything about monetizing documents with Google AdSense since iPaper is the service that gives Scribd community members the opportunity to do that.

What is iPaper?

How do the Google AdSense ads look like on iPaper?

Scribd, iPaper, Monetizing documents with Google AdSense

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