Scribd: Challenging Google & Yahoo?

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Just woke up from bed and noticed that TechCrunch has some interesting new updates on Scribd. Scribd is probably one of the world’s largest document-sharing depositories and communities.

Here are the updates:
  • Scribd now has a brand new site design.
  • Scribd also has a brand new logo.
  • The most interesting of all is that Scribd is tired of receiving traffic from major search engines. Scribd has provided a much better search capability with the hope that internet users will turn straight to Scribd if they want to look for documents, articles etc.

Took a quick peek at Scribd just now and found that those little changes did wonders to Scribd's overall look. I’m happy with those nice changes since Scribd has done miracles to my online stores and I’m beginning to see Scribd as an excellent online marketing tool.

Well done and thank you, Scribd!

But please do not attempt to challenge major search engines any more than what you have done. Just stick with your core services and make them better for us.

Do you know that Scribd iPaper can monetize documents with Google AdSense?

Yes, you can actually monetize documents that you have uploaded and shared with everyone with Google AdSense. This is something that I just got to know a few weeks back. I have been using Scribd for months actually and I have uploaded hundreds of educational documents and articles so far but only a few recent documents and articles of mine have AdSense ads. I will work on the old ones one day.

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