Fwix: Must think big. Go Global!

Fwix, Review, News Aggregator

Do you know that there is a brand new news aggregator that can actually show you what is hot, what is cold and what is really going on in major cities in real time?

Get to know Fwix today folks. I have a feeling that Fwix one day will become big and famous.
Fwix shows you the most relevant and trendy information and media in your local area. We aggregate nearly 500,000 news stories per day. We deliver roughly 2,000 relevant news stories of those 500,000.

Source: Fwix Dot Com

Jason Kincaid from TechCrunch loves it and has little complaints about Fwix. I love it too and I think Fwix is really cool. The fact that Fwix updates their news feed every 15 minutes makes it a wonderful tool to monitor big events (stupid bigfoot press conferences, politics, natural disasters, earthquakes, UFOs, ghosts etc) in your respective city.

Fwix is really a new kid on the block; TechCrunch did mention that it was launched earlier today. So, please do not be surprised to see only 5 cities are under Fwix’s news coverage right now.
  1. San Francisco
  2. New York
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Chicago and
  5. Boston

Fwix has something great in their hands and I hope that they will think big and go global. Don’t just cover news and events in American cities. Extend the whole thing to the rest of the world!

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