Looking for a mentor to guide you in your online business?

As an experienced online seller on eBay, I have been approached and asked by many strangers to individually help them in their bid to become a successful online marketer and money maker. Of course, I would try to help where I can but today I think it is high time that I share with them something that we have discovered years ago.

In our early days, we too were seeking for mentors to guide us in our online projects. We have approached those so called internet marketing experts both local and outside of Malaysia as well. To our dismay, they didn’t really provide us with that much help at all. Suffice to say that we have wasted hundreds and thousands of dollars on crap eBooks and lousy paid online supports. It wasn’t long after that when we finally found what we today define as the best mentors we ever had! No, they are not individuals but rather more like a big community of helpful and generous folks!

So, who are they? Are they:
  • Some self proclaimed internet millionaires that promotes themselves in the Web or in the newspapers? Nope! Most of these internet millionaires would care nothing other than to siphon out all of your money and invest them on their products. There is no way in hell that they would help you for free!
  • Some internet gurus (such as morons like me! :)) that also promotes themselves in the Web and in any offline media? Nope too! These people would help you all right but only after you bought their products in the first place. They would try to be nice and gives you free tips here and there but in all honesty, they simply do not have the time to provide any kind of mentorship to anybody!
So, who in the world that could really provide excellent and honest mentorship to newbies then? As we had found out years ago, the answer lies in the most unlikely groups. They are actually those moms and dads who are working at home running their very own online businesses. :) Surprised? So did us! But we are not kidding at all. Work-at-home moms and dads are actually the pioneers of home based business! They are the original first generation of online marketers and online money makers. They are special! They quitted their daytime jobs just to spend more time with their kids at home. They soon ventured into some kind of home based work or home based businesses to help finance their new lifestyles. Many were forced to do so because of their sick and ailing kids that have been diagnosed with major diseases such as cancer, pneumonia and even HIV. They are passionate loving people and I shed tears whenever I think of them and all the sacrifices that they have to make for the sake of their children.

So, if you are looking for a mentor to guide you in your online business, look no further today. Every city in the world today has many associations or communities of work-at-home moms and dads somewhere. Just look for them in the Web and join their community. They are the best friends and mentors that any aspiring online business entrepreneurs could ever have. Period! If you are a Malaysian, give eHomemakers Dot Net a shot. They are a bunch of work-at-home moms and dads too and their Malaysian community is growing larger and larger everyday.

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