Pimp your MySpace with PeerSpin

Heads up home based business entrepreneurs and online money makers, how many of you actually use MySpace as your networking and marketing tools?

I’m sure we have plenty. MySpace with its awesome reputation as one of the biggest Social Networking Sites in the online world has helped a lot of businesses (including mine) gained incredible mass exposure in a short time. :-)

Nope, I’m not going to talk about MySpace networking or marketing today. I just want to share with you folks who are fond of MySpace with some tips to make your MySpace home page look really cool. This is made possible by a new site known as PeerSpin which is reachable at PeerSpin Dot Com (http://www.peerspin.com).

Relax, you don’t have to pay anything since everything is provided free. Yes, everybody loves that magical word. :-) Anyway, this is what you can do with PeerSpin:
  • Customize and play around with the theme/background of your homepage
  • Create a cool/stylish & business looking default signature for your messages
  • Create MySpace Music playlists (jazz up your business)
  • Add cool games and apps to your homepage (do this right and visitors will flock in numbers to see your home page)
  • Create/send glitter text instantly (don’t overdo it!)
  • Create/send personalized e-cards instantly (this is nice, really nice!)
  • Find who likes the same music (a great networking idea!)

I haven’t tried PeerSpin yet but I think it is a very cool tool for everybody on MySpace. Check it out, folks!

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