Solution: Blogger’s OpenID ‘Your OpenID credentials could not be verified’ error – Solved!

One of the biggest frustrations that we bloggers that are using Blogger have to endure is undoubtedly Blogger’s failure to let us conveniently leave comments on other Blogger blogs with OpenID. We are forced to use some other identities such as Blogger/Google Profile or Name/URL and we are not happy with that at all! :(

Even though Blogger has provided such facility for bloggers and blog visitors, it no longer works as it should be and the problem has been around for so many months (perhaps years!) now. Some bloggers have filed numerous complaints at the Blogger Help forum but so far nothing has been done to help us solve this particular problem.

Alright, let’s take a closer look at this problem now.

How does the ‘Your OpenID credentials could not be verified’ error look like?

You should see something similar with the one shown in the following screenshot after attempting to leave a comment on a Blogger blog via OpenID.

Alright, now that you know how the error looks like, let’s go and learn how to solve it (hopefully) indefinitely.

How to solve Blogger’s OpenID ‘Your OpenID credentials could not be verified’ error?

In order to solve this (hopefully) once and for all, you need to have at least one of the following requirements:

  1. Your own Google Profile account or
  2. Your own Google+ account.

Note: Your Google Profile account would no longer be accessible if you have joined the Google+ bandwagon like I do.

Go to your Blogger Dashboard, choose the blog that you want to destroy with this hack (just kidding!), hit ‘Template’ and click on the ‘Edit HTML’ button. You need access to your whole template to get this work for you, so please enable the ‘Expand Widget Templates’ option.

Locate your <head> and </head> section and place the following codes that contain a few HTML <link> rel attributes anywhere in between <head> and </head>:

<link rel='openid2.provider' href='' />
<link rel='openid2.local_id' href='URL to your Google Profile OR Google+' />
<link rel='openid.server' href='' />

Kindly replace the part colored in red with the URL link to your Google Profile or your Google+ account. Once completed, hit the ‘Save template’ button and wait for a few minutes.

Yes, you have to wait for a while before you can start testing the hack shown earlier. I waited for about 10 minutes before testing the above hack and let me show you the result. Take a look at the following screenshot. :)

All hail Andrew!

Many thank to Andrew Arnott, the guy that ‘helped’ me on this particular solution. Yes… Back in March 9th 2010, Andrew shared a tip to help bloggers ‘upgrade’ Blogger’s kind of obsolete OpenID Endpoint address with the help of Google Profile. What Andrew didn’t know today is that his methods could also be used to help bloggers fix the Blogger’s OpenID ‘Your OpenID credentials could not be verified’ error!

Andrew’s tip didn’t work for me right away since I have embraced Google+ and no longer has my old Google Profile account. I had to run some tests of my own and then I discovered that we can also use our Google+ accounts to connect with OpenID. Thus, solving the irritating Blogger’s OpenID ‘Your OpenID credentials could not be verified’ error at the same time!

Thank you, Andrew! :)

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Brandy said...

Thanks for this. I have had that happen to me before!

homebiss said...

Hi there Brandy,

I'm glad it is helpful for you. :)

digital boy said...

hi...thanks for share n keep your great jobs!!!

Beben Koben said...

i just heard about it
<link rel='openid2.provider' href='' />
i can do it like this
<link href='' rel='openid.server'/>
<link href='' rel='openid.delegate'/>
is the same effect?

Saidul A Shaari said...


Yes, you can if the OpenID Endpoints that you are using right now support OpenID 2.0. If it doesn't, you may use what I have here.

stacykeiblerfans said...

Thanks a lot, really pissed from this problem. I am happy now, that i finally got the solution. I like this line alot from your post

"Go to your Blogger Dashboard, choose the blog that you want to destroy with this hack (just kidding!)"

Nice and very useful post.

homebiss said...

Princess Jasmin,

You are welcome. I'm just happy that I'm able to help people like you. :) said...

Oh you absolute star!! It didn't work straight away but when I tried to comment here I attempted to do so via OpenID and it came up with a permissions window, I clicked yes and now can use it! Woohoo! Thanks so much, I've been so frustrated by it!

homebiss said...

Love in the Nest,

You are welcome. I'm glad it worked out fine for you. :) said...


homebiss said...,

No problem! :) said...

Arrrgh, cannot comment on a blogger blog. Will read your suggestions to see if there is a fix for me :)

yuliang11 said...

Testing testing

yuliang11 said...

it seems like it's working! thanks for the tips

homebiss said...


No problem! But you're not using Blogger, are you? I'm surprised that the tricks taught here are able to help bloggers blogging in other platforms too. It's a nice little surprise! :) said...

I saw it at JMPInline. Then read your comment and this post. Applied. And it worked. Thank you.
I was committing a mistake. So, it didn't work for some time.
My blog was not publicly accessible. So, it didn't work.
As soon as I enabled it's access to public, it worked nicely.

homebiss said...,

No problem! :)

111085889483435790649 said...

Let me try this method bro.. :-)

vaalvom said...

salaam [Peace be upon you...]

superb.... thanks a lot... useful post ...

no pain !!! no gain :)

vaalvom said...

peace be upon you...

brother i use this your method.. but google asking email and password again and again .. this is too much time take...

any suggestion please reply me..

homebiss said...


The method requires you to use either your Google profile or Google+ account. You must first log-in into your account before commenting with OpenID. Once logged in, you don't have to input your details over and over again.

vaalvom said...

yeah.... thanks..

//You must first log-in into your account//

this open id method same us google account method brother..
what is the advantage use of open id ? pls give some idea.. my time spend on open id 5 hours spend.. so much time waste..

homebiss said...


5 hours? Something must have been wrong on your side since I normally do not spend more than 10 seconds in my log-in session.

As for the benefits of using OpenID, please refer to the link that I have prepared for you. said...

I'm unable to post on the following site with Open ID :

Although, it seems to be OK with your site.

homebiss said...,

I took a peek at the link that you had mentioned and found a comment you left via OpenID. Does this mean that you no longer have problems with your OpenID?

eduzoneindia said...

thanks a lot for helping!!!

116470645301480597828 said...

my open id is not working!!
it is showing my google profile.

homebiss said...


Your OpenID is actually working fine. You wouldn't have been able to post your comment if it's not working in the first place. :)

116470645301480597828 said...

yes, friend...i agree with that but instead of my site link my google profile link it is showing!!
what to do now?

homebiss said...


Please refer to my latest post if you want to get rid of that Google+ OpenID ID of yours. said...

now it is working!!
see my open id is is dispalying!!
thank you friend!!!
i am struggling for this from three weeks!!!

homebiss said...,

No problem. :)

mydebianblog said...

For me, both methods are working - this one and the method with rel=openid.server. But thanks anyway.

110402573054885102682 said...

nice info...... thanks for sharing

Andee Flynn said...

thanks! I'm waiting now for it to work...

vk sheyad said...


urang-kurai said...

Thank's for this...:)

114500051316617049563 said...

Thank you bro

you have solved my problem

posmuara said...

Few days back I do not know exactly how the open Id comes into error. Now let me test this...

trik-tips-sehat said...

Yeahh thanks said...

No brother.. its not working.. rather you have displayed somewhat different code.. need to modify for current solutions.. I have explained in details..

100589233517295565194 said...

sorry for rudeness (if i did) i'm trying to aply your method here. i read another comment that somehow it showing the google+ id. if this comment not showing my google+ id i think it work properly. but if not, please give me some tips.

thanks for sharing by the way. :)

script-open-id-could-not-be-verified-xml.html said...

hey guys, i was read many article about it. especilly this post and problogbooster and another posts. and i found some method that you could posting a comment with your any links from your blog with optimizing Blogger XML script.

Note: it can used as a spam commenting, but I'M Not RECOMENDED TO DO SO.

112689345957161871869 said...

test openid, i have a problem with my open id, when i comment to a blog, openid error

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