Credit Card Fraud & Identity Theft: 19.7 million students, 90.6 million credit cards and Parenting just got tougher!

Here’s something that parents anywhere in the world should take a look at.

According to this piece of information that I have found, there are well over 19.7 million college and university students in the US, they have more than 90.6 million credit cards and every one of them is using the internet! Oh my! No wonder credit card fraud and identity theft are thriving like crazy over there!

The above information is just the tip of the iceberg for we have even more disturbing information about college and university students in the US. Let me give you some more:

More shocking facts and figures about American college and university students

  1. 54% of students over in the US have received sick images from perverts via MMS.
  2. 2 in 3 students over there have sent out sick messages via SMS.
  3. 10% of those sick messages were sent secretly, without the knowledge of the senders. What the heck is this? Text-hijacking?
  4. 47% of students over there are normally awakened by text messages. No wonder they look like zombies on Stickam!
  5. 93% of students over there also read text messages while driving! OMG!
  6. While 91% of American parents believe in the threats posed by identity theft, only 21% of students give a damn about it! What a gap!
  7. 50% of students have actually shared private data among themselves and 9% of them had even shared passwords with their friends! Oh my, that’s crazy!

What can we do about Identity Theft?

I don’t know about credit cards but I do have some tips for those concerned about identity thieves lurking around social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Just follow the link that I provided earlier.

Where can we get more information about Credit Card Fraud & Identity Theft?

Right here, thanks to CreditDonkey that has kindly provided us with a great infographic about internet safety. I have it all down below. Check it out, folks.

Infographics: Student Online Safety
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