4shared releases Upload Folder and new 4shared Sync App for the iPhone and iPad. Oh my… Poor Malay music stars… Poor Malay girls…

I’m hopping mad (just like Namewee), getting restless and feels the need to blog about something. Since I was just using 4shared a few minutes ago, I might as well mention a few interesting news about 4shared.

But before I do that, allow me to send a few shockwaves that should shock the local authorities, parents and kids working or living here on my part of the world. You see, 4shared is very popular here and I just want folks out there to know what some naughty 4shared users are doing with the fine service that 4shared has provided for users all over the world.

Alright, some screenshots should suffice.

Free MP3s shared by 4shared users?


Beautiful Malay girls?


If you’re not happy with it, don’t blame or get angry with 4shared. Blame the users.

4shared Killer Description

4shared is a Ukraine, Kiev based file storage and sharing service. It was founded in 2005. 4shared is one of the world’s largest file-hosting sites, with 317 terabytes of file transfer every day and handling up to eleven million users simultaneously.

4shared Killer Features

The service allows users to upload files of up to 500 MB each for free and 5GB GB for paid subscribers. Account size after activating account get 15GB of free space.

Alright, let’s see what 4shared has released recently.

New: 4shared ‘Upload Folder’

Instead of tediously uploading one file after another, 4shared now lets users upload their whole folders! There is a limit though; each folder must not be more than 2GB in size. You can read more about this new feature from 4shared Blog.

New (Upgraded): 4shared Sync version 1.2.0 App (free!) for the iPhone and iPad

The new version now allows users to open and download stuffs with other apps, share stuffs with friends via Twitter, iTunes and manage their playlists in background mode. The app is free and you may download it from iTunes.

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