3Defy goes public! Now anybody can convert common photos to awesome 3D models/objects online

Here’s something that comes with a wonderful solution for those looking for a free service that can convert common photos to amazing 3D models. The wonderfulness doesn’t stop there. The whole service is also available online and you can access it anywhere in the world!

I’m talking about the initial public release of 3Defy and the developers behind this awesome project have one huge dream. They wanna see more and more people use 3D-powered content and their newly launched web-based conversion service will allow users to share their 3D creations with anybody.

Today I’m gonna show you that we can provide 3D-powered content very easily with 3Defy. You can see what I mean in a few minutes. ;)

3Defy Killer Descriptions

3DEFY gives you the power to transform your photographs into rich 3D models.

The 3D models created with 3Defy are much more realistic than anything previously possible in the field of 2D to 3D photography.

Believe me, they’re not joking!

How does it work and how does the web interface looks like?

Examples of photos converted to awesome 3D models/objects with 3Defy

You may click on the next 3D model to see it in action.

Wow! Awesome, aren’t they?!

Do we need to register for 3Defy?

Yes, Registration is required to save your 3D creations in 3Defy website galleries but don’t worry, registration is free.

Can we try out 3Defy for free?

Yes, you can. Feel free to play around and have fun with 3Defy’s 3D Modeler today.

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