720p HD Video Sunglasses! Perfect for Christmas gifts!

I stumbled upon this cool gadget couple of minutes ago and I wanna share my discovery with you folks today because I think the gadget is somewhat perfect for Christmas gifts.

It’s a slick looking sunglasses that can capture videos in high-definition! It can shoot videos (along with audio) in 720p. Yes, videos with 1280x720 resolutions in full vivid colors and clarity. A few different types and models are available. We have a few that can record multiple videos, each in the form of a 3-minute long video clip. According to its online shop, short 3-minute video clips are perfect for YouTube users who normally shoot and upload short videos. There’s also another type that can shoot one long video up to 30 minutes. Each 720p video sunglasses come with a microSD card and some models have 2GB microSD cards. If that is not enough for you, you can always go for types that come with 16GB microSD cards.

720p Video Sunglasses Killer Description

720P Video Eyewear and accessories. Hi Def Video and Audio, hands free! Great for motorcycling, bicycling, sports, warranty work, traveling and anytime you need easy, hi quality Video!

Too bad… I would have said that it is perfect for those hoping to catch bad politicians having helluva fun time with Chinese dolls. It’s a political habit that is quite popular here in my part of the world. ;)

Example of a video taken with 720p HD Video Sunglasses

Where can we get 720p HD Video Sunglasses

You can get those 720p HD video sunglasses from VSUN Canada.
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