US Top 5 SEO Companies for April 2011. WebiMax is Number One!

This is just a quick post to let the world know that topseos has released their comprehensive list of the US Top 50 SEO companies for the month of April 2011. What are the US Top 5 SEO companies? Read on to find out.

US Top 5 SEO Companies for April 2011

When it comes to Search Engine Marketing, topseos has all the data to help businesses and internet marketers succeed. As an independent authority on search vendors, topseos often lists and ranks SEO companies involved in Search Engine Optimization and today they have released yet another fine list. Their new list identifies the US Top 50 SEO Companies for the month of April 2011. Let’s take a look at the top 5 SEO companies.

1. WebiMax: Founded in 2008 and currently based at Mount Laurel, NJ. Currently has 250+ active clients and has an incredible 98% client retention rate! What is even more amazing is that the company scored 100% and fulfilled every single criteria (6 different criteria in total) thrown by topseos! Must mention that Marriot and Braun are some of WebiMax’s notable clients!

2. ThinkBIGsites: Founded in 2007 and currently based at Melville, NY. Currently has 400+ active clients with an impressive 95% client retention rate and scored 96%.

3. SEOP: Founded in 2000 and currently based at Santa Ana, CA. Currently has an impressive 500+ active clients with another impressive 95% client retention rate and scored 95%.

4. Intrapromote LLC: Founded in 1999 and currently based at Hudson, OH. Surprisingly, it only has 75+ active clients but don’t let that fool you. The company has an admirable 94% client retention rate and scored 94%. Has to mention that Fisher-Price and Honda are some of their notable clients!

5. ArteWorks SEO: Founded in 1995 and currently based at Austin, TX. Currently has 30+ active clients with an outstanding 98% client retention rate and scored 93%.

WebiMax sure looks impressive and it is clearly a cut above the rest. Quite new in the world of SEO but it has already secured big clients and even impressed topseos and topseos are not easily impressed! I should learn more about WebiMax and I have no doubts in my mind that SEO experts out there will also do the same thing. :)

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